Harmon Cooper review extravaganza: Feedback Loop 2 & 3 & Fantasy Online: Hyperborea

This time, I went with just blurting out all my thoughts on a microphone and getting everything out, as typing out this review would have been too long.  If people prefer the audio format over the written reviews, I will probably start doing them regularly as typing out my thoughts just takes me too long.

My initial drafts are incoherent, so it takes me multiple rewrites to make my thoughts congeal into an intelligible format.

If you’re curious about the next book reviews, Matthew Sylvester has asked me to look at some of his LitRPG books, and that will be my next series.

Quick ratings:

  • Feedback Loop 2 & 3:  4.5 stars.
  • Fantasy Online:  Hyperborea:  4 stars.

Tried to keep this spoiler free as there are some twists in both series that if I explain, will potentially ruin it for other people.

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