Stephen Morse on professionalism

Here’s the link, h/t Matthew Sylvester for telling me WordPress didn’t do a great job showing this.   Authors, Internet Drama, and Public Image


Authors, Internet Drama, and Public Image

Written 12/02/2016

This is not my November status update. Everything regarding ongoing projects, where I’m at, and future directions shall be shoveled into another post somewhere. Maybe a ramble. Instead, I’ve decided to try to post constructive advice to other authors and at the least ensure I remember my feelings on the matter by writing this down. Fair warning; this will be a bit more ranty than rambly.

The post itself shall go on a bit about what the title above says. I do this in hopes that someone else out there will take it to heart and simply think about word choice and the consequence it plays as we talk in public forums; especially if you want to make the writer gig work out.

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