Geek Dad reviews “The Land” and Lazy Worldbuilding

This article starts off with this review: Geek Dad Reviews The Land

I enjoyed the land a lot more than he did, but his review hits most of the same complaints that I had with it.

  1. Needless prompts and redundant information. Some of the later books give you the same information back to back to back.
  2. Tone jumps. It goes from campy stupidity to extreme violence in a few nanoseconds and careens back and forth between those two tent poles with little rhyme or reason.
  3. Along with tone jumps, a wildly inconsistent character who bounces between amoral psychopath to village paragon. This is a common theme in the “Hero Without a Flaw” story, though Richter does have some flaws like looking without leaping, (even though that’s often played for gags rather than as a serious shortcoming he needs to overcome.)  He also underestimates a female and goes through a penis eating scene.Aleron doesn’t use Richter’s mistakes to make the character grow, he uses them for a laugh or shock value.
  4. Could use an editorial pass.
  5. Aleronisms.  Jokes that are intended to be funny, but really make you groan.

He misses a few points that irk me about the initial story, that Richter never worries about his family or friends in the real World.

But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.  I’m here to talk about the latent sexism in the book. I don’t usually discuss this except when it’s more pertinent to something else, which is lazy writing and World-building.

For stories that promote an ideal of racial equality, the enlightenment pretty much stops there, and gender equality (or respect, at least) is nowhere to be seen. Female characters mostly fall into three basic categories: Earth-mother types, bitches, and victims of abuse who need to be rescued. Half of the protagonist’s internalized bon mots are sexualized stereotypes (women are only mollified by shiny objects, for example), and there’s a running gag for multiple characters making derogatory references about ex-girlfriends and ex-wives. It’s puerile writing, and where much of it played for supposed laughs, it just comes across as misogynistic and needlessly rude. — Geek Dad Review

Geek Dad is right about some of this, wrong about some parts.  For now, let’s talk about World-building.

World-Building 101

First, just because you have an idea in your head doesn’t mean you need to put it into the book.  Otherwise, you end up with an encyclopedia of random facts.

However, every element you do choose to put into a book needs to have a place and a reason.  This is the same as Chekhov’s gun, which I’ve talked about in other articles.

As a corollary, one of my big sins in several LitRPG/GameLit books is that the outside World makes no sense.  So, let’s talk about the outside World and then transfer that to the game World.

In the real World, that is where you currently read this, men and women are vastly different on average in their body size and composition. That’s called “sexual dimorphism”.

The results of sexual dimorphism plays out in a huge variety of ways.  Some differences between sexes are completely social constructs, there’s nothing inherently girly about the color pink or wearing skirts. Each society has gender norms, but these gender norms are informed by biological differences, but not because of biological differences.

Some biological differences affect all societies the same.  Men are vastly larger than women on average in human populations, have 33% more upper body strength for the same weight, etc. You can look at the difference between men and women’s Olympic records for the same weight class and see a huge difference immediately.  Or if you’re curious, have men and women turn around look at their butts.  You won’t have a hard time picking out men from women on butts alone.

Men have extrinsic value (we are only valued because we can produce something), whereas women have intrinsic value (valued for looks and beauty).  If any woman wishes to be a man, smear feces on your face and walk around.  You’re about where the average man finds himself. Not uncoincidentally, less attractive women are more likely to exhibit double standards about people using their attractiveness to gain success.  (Men are gender-neutral on this, ugly and handsome alike.)

Why is this?  Women are precious resources.  It takes a long time to have a single child, it takes a lot of calories, there’s a lot of health risks involved, (particularly if we’re talking about the time prior to modern medicine), women are only fertile for a few days out of a month and only for a few years in their lifetime.

Men are the opposite of precious resources.  One ejaculation has enough sperm in it to impregnate every fertile woman in North America.  Men contribute mostly nothing to the childbearing process, (we don’t hatch eggs, for example), so all of men’s collective worth is in what they can bring to the table for raising the child and taking care of the mother:  Good genes, high social standing, money, power, etc.

Hence men are more likely to be both risk-takers and the grantees of rewards from risk-taking.  That means 9 out of 10 people on Humans are Awesome are men, but 9 out of 10 Darwin Awards winners are also men.  It also means men are statistically worse drivers than women, because they are more likely to engage in dangerous behavior, (driving while drunk, speed racing, etc.)  Men are more likely to be outright violent, women are more likely to engage in more subversive behavior.

If you lack those things as a man, you are worthless.  As Harold Bloom put it in the Lucifer Principle, “Men are nature’s toilet paper.”  Men die earlier and more violently than women.

We care about women and children in combat, we don’t care about men.  If you want to find a place with a lot of women, look for somewhere that had a good war or ethnic cleansing, Rwanda is a great place for example.

This leads to an inherent tension.  Women want to be recognized for their external achievements, while many men focus on their inherent worth.  This leads to painful comments and commentary on women like Sotomayor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg and what they look like. Since very few men have any inherent worth, they aren’t subject to commentary on their looks.  Except that hunky guy at the Olympics.

The way this has played out historically is men are murdered, women are kept as slaves.  It’s in the Bible:

“Have you allowed all the women to live?” he asked them. 16 “They were the ones who followed Balaam’s advice and enticed the Israelites to be unfaithful to the Lord in the Peor incident, so that a plague struck the Lord’s people. 17 Now kill all the boys. And kill every woman who has slept with a man, 18 but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man.

It’s in Ghengis Khan, we see it with terrorist groups like Boko Haram and ISIS currently, and so forth.  Men are more likely to be homeless, women are more likely to engage in survival sex.  Death or sex slavery, take your pick.

In short, being a man vs. being a woman is a grab-bag of benefits and downsides, with definitive downsides being more prevalent in certain areas that the “Woker Than Thou” populace rarely deigns to talk about or visit.

The greater the variance in reproductive success for a single sex (one male or female can have many offspring vs. most having no offsprings) and the more parental investment one sex has than the other, the more dimorphic that species will be.  That is, if women have more investment in the children, (calories invested, protecting them while they’re young, etc.) and if a single male can breed with most females while most men do not leave any offspring, there will be greater sexual dimorphism.

That’s why male gorillas are so much larger than female gorillas.

Male gorilla on right, female on left.

Conversely, if the men hatch the eggs, like the jacana, the female will typically be bigger, more brightly colored, and more aggressive.

Female jacana on the left, male on the far right.  Females have bone spurs on their wings that they use as weapons against other females.

Before you say anything stupid like “I know men with really great butts,” understand this.

So, armed with this brief introduction to evolutionary biology, why doesn’t this play out well in a role-playing fantasy World?

First, you need to watch Lindsey Ellis’s video on why Bright has lazy Worldbuilding.

Note her point on lazy worldbuilding. In a World with fairies, elves, and the nine races, we still have slavery, the Alamo, and other normal Earth events. They wouldn’t have happened.

If several different alien races suddenly appeared on Earth 2000 years ago, everything would change.  There wouldn’t be a single incident in common with the Earth right now.  Pretending that everything is the same minus some cosmetic differences is lazy writing.  Hence the reason so many Urban Fantasy writers use the “Veil of Ignorance” about the magical World.

In role-playing games, you can pick a male or a female character but they have no differences in any base attributes. In role-playing games, we’re all equals.  This would have major ramifications for that World’s history and societal structure.

Now, we turn to The LandThe Land does not set up a sexually dimorphic grouping, male and female Sprites, for example, have the same stats. Chaos Seed stats show no dimorphism. There’s no gender disparity. Any male is equal to any female in capability.

There’s also no sexual dimorphism in rates of magic users to non-magic users. It’s the same.

“Hill Sprites have several marked differences from their woodland cousins. Just as comfortable below ground as above, they have greater strength, but less agility than wood or forest sprites. Underground, they have had to engage in melee combat to a greater extent and are more comfortable with close quarters combat. They are also gifted with a limited darkvision. Hills sprites get three points to distribute per level, and each level gives + 1 to Strength and + 1 to Dexterity.”

Kong, Aleron. The Land: Raiders: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 6) (Kindle Locations 328-331). Kindle Edition.

This is where authorial intelligence comes in. If you want to have a sexually dimorphic society, you have certain consequences.

Men would need high levels of variable reproductive success to be sexually dimorphic.  But there doesn’t appear to be any notion of monogamous attachment in The Land, everyone sleeps with everyone else.  What’s the species Reproductive Value model?  Short gestation, quick births to lots of offspring or long gestation, few births?

If you don’t have a sexually dimorphic society, you get a different set of consequences.  You might say that most people aren’t up to snuff on their evolutionary biology, but that doesn’t hold water.  Aleron is a doctor, so surely he knows this.  So he does it for the cheap laughs, (one point Geek Dad doesn’t bring up is all the anachronistic references that Richter makes, which makes no sense in the future and even less sense in an alternate Universe) or for cheap emotions, (see the rape scenes in future books) or because he’s too lazy to think up a better Universe.

As for the criticism of shiny objects, it does make sense in World context.  The game is based around stats, so giving people shiny things does make sense.

So, is Aleron sexist?  Eh.  He’s more incompetent.  Even when he tries to be woke, like having Richter become bisexual with two incest twins, it comes off more like he’s trying to brag about Richter’s sexual prowess.  This ties in with the comments I made where Richter is never given a flaw to overcome, just something to play off for laughs or for shock value.  This is why Richter and the book fluctuate wildly in their tone and characterization throughout various parts.  The story is bent around Richter and hero-worshipping him, so the story and story elements reflect that, giving the book sudden swerves in tone.

Still, Geek Dad is correct in pointing out that Aleron has engaged in some very lazy world-building in regards to thinking about how a non-dimorphic society would play out.  We’d expect to see plenty of men only mollified by shiny objects as well, as well as plenty of women who brag about their sexual conquests of men.  Men would spend an equal amount of time preening themselves, wearing bright clothes, lipstick, etc.  Men originally wore makeup and earrings, even in our own society.  Go through history photos and you can see some fabulously foppish men.

This would be casual men’s wear in such a World.

Men would be as likely to act as courtiers and spies for women as vice versa.  We’d expect women fighting over men physically or putting on acts of physical prowess to attract mates, like jacunas.  Men would be just as likely as women to be held for captivity and sexual favors.  In a stat-neutral game World, we would expect women and men to be essentially interchangeable in terms of attitude, dress, behavior, and a similar set of disadvantages.

Aleron built a dude-bro fantasy World without considering the implications for how a dude-bro World comes into being from a societal or biological standpoint.  As such, pointing out that he’s engaged in lazy worldbuilding is a fully warranted critique.  What you think about the rampant penis references and “What does the fox say?” jokes I leave to you.

Now, in these most Woken of Wokingly Woke times, you can write men and women interchangeably because we live at a time where a headline like this is indistinguishable from a real press release.

However, if you are writing a society that is essentially gender neutral, then it only makes sense to write men and women as interchangeable.  Not because current social tastes demand it, but because that’s what the World you built demands.


Anyway, what Geek Dad is missing is that the appeal of the book is that people read it book because they imagine that’s themselves on a grand adventure with a metanarrative commentary on their own awesomeness as they gain powers and influence in a virtual World. It’s essentially as if someone took your Skyrim character and made a story about his/her exploits.

Aleron is playing the role of Three Dog in Fallout 3, telling us how awesome Richter is. He does this with lots of exclamations!  It’s a fun fantasy if you always wanted to play a game like The Land.

11 thoughts on “Geek Dad reviews “The Land” and Lazy Worldbuilding”

  1. Nice insights on the biological factors and how they link into many others. At some point I have totally forgotten that it’s about an audio book (or moreso, the review of one), as I was so engrossed by your trip to how a world may be if men and women were similar.


  2. I have now gone through all your Reviews and am thankful for your professional insight and for taking the decision making away from me.
    As it really is difficult in finding any interesting Story in the Litrpg genre that is buried under an ocean of below averageness.

    Now I am confused about one thing and still not sure where you stand in your opinion about the Chaos Seed series.

    In a previous review for Book 6 Raiders, you give it 4,5 stars. In your “Genres within GameLit/Litrpg” explanation you also mention the land as an accomplished novel and a few other posts of yours.
    Now in this review, you agree with Geek Dad that it is just average.

    I read till 1/5 of book 4 and it was getting gruesome and difficult to progress through the story starting from book 2.
    Always felt like that the plot kept on being derailed by stupid decisions of the MC or needless drama coincidentally all happening to our mc. Those never really progressing in the plot, as there really is so much to do.

    This story made me wonder how others can read till book 7 and still not have their brains exploding cause of the number of times this book gave me high blood pressure.

    Sorry if I mention things without fully explaining like you do, why I am so unsatisfied, but then I also would need to write a full review.

    Pls, tell me why you enjoy this series or think it is in the same league as Awaken online.


    1. When The Land is good, it’s very good. When it’s bad, it’s *very* bad.

      Anyone who dropped out after the penis-eating torture scene is perfectly justified.

      Amongst the problems of the book are tone shifts, the “wandering village janitor” problem, and lack of a cohesive/structured plot.

      The whole series is also uneven. Books 1 and 2 are pretty good, books three, four, and five a slog. Book six almost turns into a slog for the first half, but picks it up at the end.

      I was too generous with the 4.5 stars because of the previous books, it’s comparatively better, but really deserves a 3.5-4 star.

      Compared to Awaken Online as a series, there’s no competition. AO is consistently great, with a few minor bumps here and there. The Land doesn’t have a few bumps. Aleron writes gigantic boulders and then forces the readers to run headfirst into them, and then work around them to get into the story.

      I don’t blame anyone if they decide it isn’t worth climbing over those literary boulders and just drop the series.


  3. It seems more like you had a falling out with the author, and then you decided to ream his books. I like most of your reviews, posts and such. I normally enjoy the point of view or insight you bring to the table. However, putting context into context if you will, the timing of the negging screams of a falling out.

    Your review is incoherent. The writing is fine, and it’s actually an engaging piece analyzing social and biological gender differences and constructs in a fantasy world. But as a book/series review…come on, man. There are many flaws in the series, but if you’re going to look at the role of gender building, look at the actual genders roles inherent in the world as Richter found it…not as he made it.

    For example, the human Kingdom has real world sexual dimorphism. It also has more historically accurate gender roles, and this makes sense because magic is not widespread. It plays a much smaller role than in the matriarchal society of sprites. In wood sprite society, as we see it, there is less sexual dimorphhism. Male and female seem to be somewhat equal in physical skills. However, their magic seems much more prevalent in females; hence the matriarchy.

    You’re trying to apply gender roles and stereotypes to the burning man/coachellaesque landscape of “Mist Village.” Stop. There’s no rhyme so stop reasoning. Lastly the shiny gift/female thing is a joke Richter normally makes to himself about Alma, his pet animal. I believe the humor is supposed to be in his application of Earth stereotypes to an extra-dimensional pet DRAGON.


    1. “It seems more like you had a falling out with the author, and then you decided to ream his books”

      That’s an ironic charge, because most of the people who read my reviews give me the opposite. I was way too nice to Aleron in my early reviews because he held onto the gatekeeper status at the time.

      I’ve always thought Aleron was a scumbag. He’s a smart businessman, yes, but a horrible person.

      “Your review is incoherent.”

      This is a nitpick. Incoherent means it has no coherency, i.e. it’s unintelligible. You clearly understood what I wrote, so it’s not incoherent. That’s going to play in a minute.

      “look at the actual genders roles inherent in the world as Richter found it…not as he made it.”

      That’s an incoherent statement. I literally have no idea what the hell you mean by that. You realize that Aleron wrote the book, so anything in it is a manifestation of his own ideology, right?

      “It plays a much smaller role than in the matriarchal society of sprites.”

      There’s only *a* singular matriarchal sprite society, not several. Also, the book says nothing about this being a regular thing or not:

      “You stand before the Hearth Tree of the Wood Sprites of Nadria. I am the Hearth Mother, protector of our people and keeper of our secrets. I am known as Hisako.”

      Kong, Aleron. The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 1) (Kindle Locations 560-561). Aleron Kong. Kindle Edition.

      You seem to take a singular example of Hisako and apply that to every female, while we never see an example of this sort of thing again in any of the subsequent books.

      “Male and female seem to be somewhat equal in physical skills. However, their magic seems much more prevalent in females; ”

      That’s not true, direct from the book.

      “They have a skill of imbuing their strikes with mana, greatly increasing damage. Wood Sprites get three points to distribute per level, and each level gives +2 to Dexterity.”

      Kong, Aleron. The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 1) (Kindle Locations 5203-5204). Aleron Kong. Kindle Edition.

      We see Sion cast magic all the time, he simply put all his points into combat versus Hisoka, who put her points in general mage-craft. There’s no indication that women are better at magic anywhere in the book.

      The men are also able to cast magic once they get bonded to their pixie, which is a major plot point in the book.

      “Lastly the shiny gift/female thing is a joke Richter normally makes to himself about Alma, his pet animal.”

      Well, let’s look at the book:

      “Suddenly an argument with an ex-girlfriend came to mind where she criticized him for wasting money on video games, and he threw her expensive purse collection back at her. She had of course responded, “It’s an investment.” His response that maybe math wasn’t her strong suit had not gone well.”

      Kong, Aleron. The Land: Founding: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 1) (Kindle Locations 4219-4221). Aleron Kong. Kindle Edition.

      Or we can look at this treatment of his familiar, where he makes the link explicitly:

      “Soooo, my soul familiar is a demanding female who rejects offered affection but later clings to me in a way that everyone can see… There is probably a lesson in all of this…”

      Kong, Aleron. The Land: Forging: A LitRPG Saga (Chaos Seeds Book 2) (Kindle Location 1336 – 1337). Kindle Edition.

      That Aleron makes the behavior of his familiar explicit with the behavior of females in general makes that a not-very-good argument, even if you ignore all the times where Aleron makes explicitly sexist statements.


      1. This right here is a lesson how how to respectfully rebut an argument with logic and reasoning, backed by evidence. Bravo Good sir


  4. Checked this out as one of 2 litrpg review sites on litrpg redit for the first time. Clicked to see where was the lazy world-building, since it’s the thing i like the most in The Land, and first page down you went SJW feminism nonsense… sigh.


    1.         " first page down you went SJW feminism nonsense"

      Well, that’s because you’re ignorant. What is typically called “SJW”s are people who believe that there are no innate differences between men and women. Thus, any differential outcomes in success can only be explained by latent sexism within society, since any biological differences are automatically ruled out. Clearly, that’s not what I’m arguing.

      So either you are:

      A.) The sort of idiot that uses that term to describe everyone they disagree with.
      B.) The sort of idiot that can’t read.

      In either case, you’re ignorant.


      1. Sure – I’m ignorant. Same way jahovian witnesses come to my door to enlighten me about “light”, old classmate wants to meet me to introduce me to “healthy homeopathy alternative food suplements” or, in this case, “latent sexism in litrpg genre”. At some point eyes simply gloss over at mention of any of this crap and, in your blogs case, get put in a “oh, so this one is another ideology pusher” box. It might be what you are after, but my original post was expression of disappointment at lack of ideology-free fan review sites.


      2. Sure – I’m ignorant.

        Yes, you are. You used a term you didn’t understand, that’s pretty much “I’m ignorant” 101. When challenged on it, you started crying.

        You’re critiquing an article you haven’t read not based on what it actually says, but based upon the phantasmagoric representation you built in your head. It’s something only a total dumbass would say publicly.

        “latent sexism in litrpg genre”.

        This is when you start baring your ignorant ass out to the World. There’s no mention of LitRPG as a genre, only Aleron Kong’s book in the particular. You should learn to read.

        get put in a “oh, so this one is another ideology pusher” box.

        Cut the bullshit and stop lying. No one uses the term “SJW” who wants an ideology free conversation. The only people who use that term are people who want confirmation of their own ideological position. That’s what you want. Too bad.


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