Adobe Story ends and my first screenplays

Adobe Story is coming to an end, which is not surprising.  It ran on Flash/Flex back in the day and Adobe didn’t migrate it to HTML5 until that ship had long since sailed.  As they’re killing the service, they’re going to shut down all versions of the software and delete any scripts that are stored on there.  So I checked in and downloaded all of my scripts, bringing back some memories.

Nowadays, there’s much better software to write screenplays in, (Fade In, Final Draft) but back in 2012, it was a great piece of software for writing screenplays. Largely because it was free.  That’s a super important consideration when you’re a college student and making about eight bucks an hour and not wanting to waste money on software.

I needed it for a class, English 4009, Advanced Screenwriting Workshop.  I was a biology major at the time and needed some English credits to fill out my requirements.  Writing a screenplay seemed preferable to taking a class on Chaucer or Marlow, at least in the sense of being an actual skill that could theoretically be used.  The only career path that taking a course on Chaucer seemed to offer was teaching a class on Chaucer.

Anyway, I wrote two and a half screenplays in the four and a half months, both of which are 90-ish pages.  The first one is Human Traffic (or The Last Vice).  This story is the weaker of the two that I’ve written, not surprising given that it was my first attempt, (in addition to reviewing other student’s papers, doing required reading, and doing 18 hours of college courses).  I liked the MC, but decided it wasn’t really interesting to write a MC that was an uber badass.

So I wrote the next screenplay, Range.  I didn’t like my MC as much in this one, but I did write a great villain, Javier.  This was written before Far Cry 3 hit the market, but most people are going to think Javier/Vaas are similar characters.  That’s partially true since they are built on the same archetype of someone reveling in primal chaos.

These are both first draft writings and have a lot wrong with them, but they’re still pretty decent first attempts IMHO. Given time and care, you could turn either into a decent flick.  You can still see all of my comments on them for other classmates having to review the work.

Then came my second and a half attempt.  That one is absolutely awful, unsalvageable, and will never see the light of day.

Writing this screenplay lead to one of my first encounters with Sandra Hill.  My ex-girlfriend wanted to know what I was writing and I was embarrassed.  So I found the worst book I could think of her reading, which by Amazon browsing ended up being a Sandra Hill book about Fangels, Vampire Angels.  She tapped out from reading that one before getting a quarter through, and thankfully, that means no one has ever seen the unfinished screenplay.

Is it as bad as I think?  Worse.  It’s the sort of thing that you want buried in the middle of the desert next to thousands of Atari cartridges of E.T.  No, you don’t want to read it.  No, I don’t care how much you say you like bad things or how many times you watched The Room.

Anyway, if you want to read my current work, you can find it on Royal Road.  Writing/researching for the book has kept me from making new blog posts on here, since I only have so many words in me on any given day.

If you enjoy that book and want me to write more, hit the follow button and give it a review and leave a comment if you really enjoy a chapter.

I’ll add this last bit as a general PSA.  If you want to know one of the most useful things you can do for any of your favorite authors, it’s leave them a review.  Positive reviews are the heroin/crack of writers, it’s one of the best ways to make sure your favorite authors keep writing more books or work a little harder to make it their best.

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