Geek Dad reviews “The Land” and Lazy Worldbuilding

This article starts off with this review: Geek Dad Reviews The Land I enjoyed the land a lot more than he did, but his review hits most of the same complaints that I had with it. Needless prompts and redundant information. Some of the later books give you the same information back to back to back.… Continue reading Geek Dad reviews “The Land” and Lazy Worldbuilding

Artificial Rankings

You may remember this from another story, where the author of "Handbook for Mortals" got caught, (or her publishing company got caught), pre-ordering thousands of copies of the book then cancelling them to boost the sales rank. Then getting swatted down after the community found out. I have nothing against ARCs, beta readers, and other… Continue reading Artificial Rankings

Dungeon Lord: The Wraith’s Haunt by Hugo Huesca

Dungeon Lord (The Wraith's Haunt - A litRPG series Book 1) Tl;dr: 4.5 stars. Great setup to a new series with some caveats. This is not a dungeon core or monster core novel, and some of the initial setup doesn't have a direct payoff in this novel. Sub-genre: Creamy Action/Adventure LitRPG with small dungeon building.… Continue reading Dungeon Lord: The Wraith’s Haunt by Hugo Huesca

Before you ask me to join your business

Business Talk I get offers to join some LitRPG business or group and become a writer for them all of the time.  None of these have yet gone anywhere.  Let me break down some business talk for you so before you send me a request about joining your group, you can read through the following… Continue reading Before you ask me to join your business

How to Write Amazing Direct to Market Stories

The Gartner Hype cycle is one of those simple graphs that shows a lot of important information. The downside to the Gartner Hype Cycle is that while it has great ad hoc and post hoc explanatory power, it doesn't have great predictive power.  In other words, it's not scientific in any sense.  It's still a useful ad… Continue reading How to Write Amazing Direct to Market Stories

LitRPG problems again, when to ban

So there's more drama in the community, with the usual person, Aleron, being at the center of it. Aleron is known for hammer-banning, I posted this up in my review of the trademark case as a reason why people don't trust him.  Before reading the rest of this, go over that post to get the… Continue reading LitRPG problems again, when to ban

Starting on my Royal Road fiction

Tl;dr:  Go read my fiction. So I've been running this blog close to a year now and haven't written any fiction of my own.  It's time to find if I'm less full of it than I think I am.  I've started writing a military sci-fi GameLit book.  The universe is based on the Proxima Universe… Continue reading Starting on my Royal Road fiction

Damn the Reviewers, or why video game critics and movie critics are often at odds with the audience

There's a joke amongst journalists.  "Journalism:  The pay is crap.  On the other hand, everyone hates you." There's a clear disconnect between what game journalists say about games, and what gamers say about games.  There's the same divide between movie critics and regular movie goers and books that people are reading on Amazon vs. what… Continue reading Damn the Reviewers, or why video game critics and movie critics are often at odds with the audience