Branding and Author Netiquette

  Updated on 6/4/2013. I wrote an article about not plagiarizing, which I thought was kind of commonsense advice.  So now we're going to talk about branding and netiquette, which will ensure that other authors don't hate you and protect your work. First, obvious disclaimer:  None of this is legal advice and should not be… Continue reading Branding and Author Netiquette

Advice from Anthea Sharp on Going Wide (or leaving Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited)

Prologue: I've covered several times on this website reasons why Amazon is terrible for authors.  Tl;dr:  Amazon can steal your money at any moment with no explanation why. As a result of this, many LitRPG authors are thinking of leaving the program, some already have.  No one cares what I have to say on the… Continue reading Advice from Anthea Sharp on Going Wide (or leaving Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited)

The current state of AI

This is an update or an addendum to the post I made on the "Why Machine Learning Sucks" blog post. My central thesis is pretty simple:  The problem with most of what we call "AI" or "Machine Learning" is not scientific in any sense. It's a million monkeys banging on a million keyboards until they… Continue reading The current state of AI

Artificial Rankings

You may remember this from another story, where the author of "Handbook for Mortals" got caught, (or her publishing company got caught), pre-ordering thousands of copies of the book then cancelling them to boost the sales rank. Then getting swatted down after the community found out. I have nothing against ARCs, beta readers, and other… Continue reading Artificial Rankings

Before you ask me to join your business

Business Talk I get offers to join some LitRPG business or group and become a writer for them all of the time.  None of these have yet gone anywhere.  Let me break down some business talk for you so before you send me a request about joining your group, you can read through the following… Continue reading Before you ask me to join your business

How to Write Amazing Direct to Market Stories

The Gartner Hype cycle is one of those simple graphs that shows a lot of important information. The downside to the Gartner Hype Cycle is that while it has great ad hoc and post hoc explanatory power, it doesn't have great predictive power.  In other words, it's not scientific in any sense.  It's still a useful ad… Continue reading How to Write Amazing Direct to Market Stories

LitRPG problems again, when to ban

So there's more drama in the community, with the usual person, Aleron, being at the center of it. Aleron is known for hammer-banning, I posted this up in my review of the trademark case as a reason why people don't trust him.  Before reading the rest of this, go over that post to get the… Continue reading LitRPG problems again, when to ban

Drama Alert: SciFan Magazine™ Issue 10: Beyond Science

Disclosure:  I do not know Ramon Mejia personally, but have recommended his website to people on forums and on this website.  I wrote to Amazon on behalf of SciFan when it pulled the magazine, and wrote about that on this blog.  I think that makes me a fairly impartial adjudicator on this dispute. Updated:  I… Continue reading Drama Alert: SciFan Magazine™ Issue 10: Beyond Science