Stephen Morse on professionalism

Here's the link, h/t Matthew Sylvester for telling me WordPress didn't do a great job showing this.   Authors, Internet Drama, and Public Image Snippet: Authors, Internet Drama, and Public Image Written 12/02/2016 This is not my November status update. Everything regarding ongoing projects, where I’m at, and future directions shall be shoveled into another post somewhere. Maybe… Continue reading Stephen Morse on professionalism

Featured non-LitRPG author: Glynn Stewart and two very quick reviews

People are doing sell-someone-else's-stuff Saturday. So my pick today, (better late than never), is Glynn Stewart Author. I've gone through most of his books and if you like M.R. Forbes, you will probably find yourself a fan of Glynn Stewart. Very quick informal reviews: Lion Quest by Michael-Scott Earle. Book 1 is the most problematic, because there's an… Continue reading Featured non-LitRPG author: Glynn Stewart and two very quick reviews

Expansion packs in GameLit?

Original article: Tl;dr: Adding in expansion packs to GameLits can bolster sales. My reaction: This could work, if only because it solves one problem that occurs in games all the time.  The first problem is currency inflation.  In any MMO, the amount of money being added to the economy is inflationary.  It's why I often… Continue reading Expansion packs in GameLit?

Why every machine learning algorithm used by big companies sucked in the past, sucks now, and will continue to suck.

Editing to update:  Google has actually taken the proposals I made seriously (though it's not me personally, but critics like me in general).  It's not publically available yet, but they are trying to make a real tool. And, oh my God, they even admit the problems I talk about in this article: We do… Continue reading Why every machine learning algorithm used by big companies sucked in the past, sucks now, and will continue to suck.

Amazon’s Hall of Spinning Knives

I’ve written before about Amazon’s automated algorithms being “not very good”, here it is again.

David Gaughran

Phoenix Sullivan is well-known in the indie community – I’ve known her myself since 2009 or 2010 and consider her a close friend.

Aside from being exceptionally generous with her time and knowledge, tirelessly sharing her insights on marketing and algorithms, Phoenix is also well known as a vocal campaigner against scammers and cheaters – particularly on the current big issues of book stuffing and clickfarming.

And now she is being targeted.

Phoenix made a box set free for a few days back in September, advertising on Freebooksy, KND/BookGorilla, and Digital Book World – all legitimate sites – and there was no other promotion involved with this title. No BookBub CPM ads, no Facebook campaign, no tweets, no newsletter swaps, no mailing lists.

On the third day of her free run, Phoenix’s box set was rank-stripped by Amazon, a punishment normally reserved for those who have used clickfarms or bots…

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Advice to new writers: Don’t plagiarize. Just don’t.

Update:  Yes, the book was a plagiary.  Amazon removed it from the ebook format and reviewers have already noted that it's a ripoff.  Strangely, not a word-for-word ripoff, but every major plot point and event was exactly the same.  She also took down her website, I'm guessing because it's monumentally stupid to try to take… Continue reading Advice to new writers: Don’t plagiarize. Just don’t.

Review-Bombing: The Ethical Case

Updated: Aleron has been granted a supplemental register for his trademark.  Originally, he applied for a principal register.  His original attempt was repealed because the judge ruled that the mark was too generic to be effective. In his new attempt, the judge removed that ruling and granted the trademark.  A special hat tip goes to… Continue reading Review-Bombing: The Ethical Case