Apocalypse 2020, by James Witherspoon

I was given a copy of this book in advance, so my review may not be 100% accurate if he's changed anything. Tl;dr:  3.5 stars.  The book has potential, but it does take awhile to build up to see where things are going.  I.e. the game mechanics seem fairly dull at first, until you see… Continue reading Apocalypse 2020, by James Witherspoon

Castrated men and power fantasies

So Scottie Futch and Sam Witt asked an interesting question. Why are we seeing the rise of really bad stories featuring overpowered protagonists and wish-fulfillment novels, even when people reading them know they are bad? Well, motherf*****, that is going to take a long time to explain. So, I hypothesize the following: The World is… Continue reading Castrated men and power fantasies

Review: Liam Arato’s “The Gold Farmer”

Tl;dr:  1 star.   This book is bad. It's an adolescent power fantasy where the author is obviously the main character, see "Marty Stu".  He used to have the picture of the main character up as his profile picture, which is always a bad sign to me.  It's one thing to be proud of your… Continue reading Review: Liam Arato’s “The Gold Farmer”

Criticism vs. Emotivism: Doing my job right

Tl;dr:  Emotions don't make you a critic. The issue came up about what makes a critic.  For me, that distinction is pretty simple.  The difference is between criticism and emotivism.  Emotivism means telling me about how you feel emotionally.  Telling me how you emotionally feel about a book/movie/video game doesn't make you into a critic.… Continue reading Criticism vs. Emotivism: Doing my job right

Should side characters get their own novels?

I just posted on LitRPG Society's page my review for Luke Chmilenko's standout first book.  Luke agrees with the side characters being a huge problem because he wanted a massive MMO-feel to the book, but that's ridiculously hard to do in a book.  He says: Hopefully if people keep liking my stuff, I can get around… Continue reading Should side characters get their own novels?