LitRPG problems again, when to ban

So there's more drama in the community, with the usual person, Aleron, being at the center of it. Aleron is known for hammer-banning, I posted this up in my review of the trademark case as a reason why people don't trust him.  Before reading the rest of this, go over that post to get the… Continue reading LitRPG problems again, when to ban

Drama Alert: SciFan Magazine™ Issue 10: Beyond Science

Disclosure:  I do not know Ramon Mejia personally, but have recommended his website to people on forums and on this website.  I wrote to Amazon on behalf of SciFan when it pulled the magazine, and wrote about that on this blog.  I think that makes me a fairly impartial adjudicator on this dispute. Updated:  I… Continue reading Drama Alert: SciFan Magazine™ Issue 10: Beyond Science